Behavior Gap - Greed Buy Keeping Our Heads While Those Around Us Lose Theirs Foundation 4 Wealth Behavior Gap - Real Financial Planning

At F4 we don't run with the crowd, we do things differently.

F4 Wealth Advisors was created to give our current and future clients an identity and understanding of what true wealth management encompasses.

After much thought, hindsight, and self-evaluation we ultimately asked ourselves the following: "If we sold our practices and got out of the investment business, who would we hire to be our financial advisor?" With that we built our firm around what we call the Foundation 4 Wealth:


High Level of Competence - Our experienced and credentialed advisors take pride in the commitment to their profession and the clients they serve.


Meaningful Relationships - Our relationships with our clients are based on trust, transparency and compassion.


Financial Planning - We will help our clients stay focused on why they invest: to grow, preserve, enjoy and share their wealth.


F4 Investment Models - An investment philosophy that focuses on reducing costs and the factors that drive returns.

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Darrell DeVaney