Wealth Planning

Goal Driven Investing- Diverse individuals demand unique, true lifetime planning.

Foundation 4 Wealth

Simplicity- As our clients delegate their long-term investment management and wealth planning to us, they find that their own lives are enriched. They have passions to pursue and families with whom to connect. While strategies may be complex, the delivery is best left simple.

Foundation 4 Wealth is the process of making sure your life story is being written and directed how you envision. 4 common attributes make up your planning foundation...

  • Grow- Growth means different things to different people. For some growth may mean keeping up with inflation, for others a high growth rate is necessary to achieve retirement aspirations. Through the planning process we help our clients understand how growth fits into their portfolio.
  • Preserve- We address the risks that threaten your financial plan as well as the longevity of your investment portfolio and therefore your retirement income sustainability: longevity, Inflation, taxes, emotionally driven investment decisions, and poor diversification.
  • Enjoy- You've built it, you deserve to enjoy it. Transitioning to retirement can be one of the most challenging events in your life. Many of our clients put their heart and soul into their work and find the transition to retirement not as easy as the magazines and commercials say. We strive to give you the confidence and support to fulfill your dreams in what can be the most fulfilling chapter of your life.
  • Share- What would you like to be your legacy? Beyond giving to family members, many of our clients have philanthropic wishes. Charitable planning is coordinated and incorporated into the donor’s overall financial and estate plan. Each donor’s goals are considered to help maximize not only the social impact of the gift but also its benefits to the donor.
The F4 Planning Process:
F4 Factor Investment Model

The financial planning process can be quite involved; and this is a good thing. We spend a lot of time getting to know your story: your family, your business, your goals and aspirations. With that in mind, fees can vary due to the complexity and time involved. After meeting to discuss your objectives we can provide you with a clear fee schedule.

Comprehensive Planning- Fees start at $1500 for the first year. Subsequent plan update fees are reduced.

Yellow Pad Sessions- $250/hour- Best for clients wanting a brief planning session to ensure they are making the best decisions with their money and have the proper protection in place.

Note that not all of our clients are Wealth Planning clients, some clients may only have an initial need for investment management or vice versa.

Set up a meeting or inquire to find out more: darrell@f4wealthadvisors.com