F4 Wealth Advisors is an independent wealth management and investment consulting firm. Founded by financial professionals who truly understand the challenges that wealth creates, we work closely with clients to provide thoughtful personalized planning, investment advice and education. The team offers a high level of service, where advice is customized to reflect the unique circumstances of each individual, family or institution.

Who We Serve: Our clients fall into two categories; those with wealth and those with emerging wealth. Many of our clients come to us through a life-event; planning for or in retirement, inheritance, sale of a business or property, children/college, a family illness or passing, or divorce. . As our clients delegate their long-term investment management and wealth planning to us, they find that their own lives are enriched. They have passions to pursue and families with whom to connect.

"Changing Investor Behavior One Client at A Time"- Unfortunately "financial advisor" has become a loosely used term in our industry. Bankers to brokers to insurance agents are all holding themselves out to be "financial advisors" and are muddying the waters. It takes great care and due diligence to understand the difference in what true wealth management encompasses and to align yourself with a firm that puts "you" first. We often have to change the investment behavior and thought process depending upon past relationships which were built on the wrong foundation as evidenced below: